Still chaotic and huge need for absolutely everything

About 30 children and others have received medical help from Abri Aid this time, the mission works very well due to the close and good cooperation with local authorities.

In addition, we have contributed to basic needs such as food and heat. The winter is coming soon at 1100 meters altitude, and me and Sandra Cederholm have been this weekend in the Bekaa Valley along the Syria border and continued our efforts to help refugees.

It is quite troubled and dangerous north of Lebanon at the time. This meant that we could not go in there but, got covered the central parts of the valley. There is generally a bad mood in Lebanon at the present time, they are without government, the economy is poor and the country is dragged between the two major countries in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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Grateful feeling
The pictures show some of the activities. In particular, Sandra spent time following up on some of the people we helped last year, while I traveling a little more in hospitals. It gives an incredibly grateful feeling to seeing the children grow up with a better life than they would have had without our help, so often it will be so little.

Unfortunately there was an unusually high number of children outside and worked in the fields with potato harvest. For the net sum of 3 dollars per day for 12 hours of work. Without good shoes, warm clothes or enough food. It makes physical pain in your stomach to experience. We are deeply concerned about this lost generation of children who have grown up since the war started in 2011.

Much moore needed
Although it is quieter in Syria, and a few refugees have traveled back, there is still a chaotic and great need for absolutely everything in the camps. Our little drop in the ocean means a lot for the families we help, but it’s just so much more needed.

Abri Aid continues the work and Lars Petter takes charge of the next trip after Christmas, in the middle of the winter cold. That trip there will be  tent and fuel for heat that will be prioritized in addition to medical help

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