Busy month for Abri Aid in June

June turned out to be a busy month for Abri Aid.

We had awareness sessions within woman empowerment in camps, as well as courses for woman in how to make bracelets as an income generated activity. These activities where so successful and valuable that we are hoping to perform them again. We will give you a full update in the coming weeks about these specific activities, so follow our blog or Facebook page.

18 cases
As for medical assistance, we had in total 12 cases which finished up rather quickly, in addition to 6 brand new cases that were added to the ongoing pending list. All pending cases will be addressed, but we use prioritizing mechanism to pick the order of the cases based on among others, vulnerability; such as how critical the case is, as well as making sure that medical assistance that we already have started are finalized.

On this list, we have cases ranging from eye surgeries due to war injures, to hernia, open heart surgery, potential cancer to more simple cases such as tonsillectomy. Each case just as valuable and important for the person of concern.

Follow from start to finish
With regards to ongoing medical assistance we currently have 15 active cases. This means that the person of concern either is waiting for his or her surgery, or they might be waiting for test results before medicine can be given. Even so, what is important for Abri Aid is to follow the person from start to finish once a case is take upon the organization.

Haidar is a case example that is ongoing. Talking about Haidar (on the picture) we do have so good news; the boy has put on 1,5 kg which is a lot considering the 6 year old boy started off with barley 5,5 kg.

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