Heavy snow and flooded camps

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Last week was the worst in this crisis’ history regarding the weather and camp conditions.

A terrible storm hit most of Lebanon last week, with large amounts of snow in the height and large amounts of flood water in lower parts of the Beeka Valley.

Abri Aid was on Thursday last week to assist the local relief service with tents, stoves, fuel and medical supplies as needed.

Fortunately, it turned out to be better weather, but pictures from several of the camps show absolutely desolate conditions. The refugees along the Syrian border are at the breaking point and heavily dependent on the world community in this acute situation.


A hero called Ingrid

When one of our followers, Ingrid Berekvam, turned 50 this fall, she decided to do something for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. She invited to a party and demanded that all guests make a contribution. It was a solid amount, and she decided to travel with Abri Aid to the Bekaadalen to personally participate in the relief work.

On Thursday, she provided fuel for the tent kilns for 125 families in the near future, and on Friday she was behind the delivery of over 100 mattresses and blankets. She also paid for medications and two necessary operations in a hospital.


Moore weather to come

It says “Happy” on the little boy’s chest in the tent opening to his home. He stands in the ankles of water. Inside the tent’s living room it goes to the knees.

Lebanese authorities, along with the relief organizations, do what they can to improve conditions, and together we have managed to help at least some of the hardest hit by snow and flood. Friday, special adviser Mario Abou Zeid was also in the Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSA) and a large follow-up in many camps to get an overview.

Lebanon is in all respects the land of contrasts. This week, cold weather has again been reported in the Bekaa Valley, and a new snow storm is also reported. No one thinks about how it should go, but we will contribute as well.

This was our 18 th mission since the start in December 2016. And we will be back in March.

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