Ali is walking again

Ali makes quick but faltering steps towards us while smiling proudly.

His mother strokes his hair lightly with compassion and proudness as he walks up to her. She blinks tears for a second, possibly struck by the boys enthusiasm before she says.

– Ali is walking, he is so happy now, thank god.

A few weeks earlier the mother was sitting across us in a cold hospital room in North Lebanon. She explained that Ali was born with deformed legs, and that she was afraid her little toddler never would have a normal life. At that time, we saw a little boy facing severe insecurities and pain. He would cry desperately as he obliquely stepped across the floor, just to turn around with numbness in his face as he was placed sitting on his mother lap.

His foot soles were narrowed inwards and unevenly, which consequently made the boy walk his first steps partly from his ankle on one foot, and on bent toes on the other foot, It was painful to watch.

– The boy is 1,5 years …

The doctor stopped in the middle of the sentence for a second, narrowing his eye sight and looked out the window.

– The procedure has a high risk of failing as his age could prevent a full recovery. We do not recommend these types of surgeries after a child has turned 1, but in this case there is a minor chance, it all comes down to what you are willing to do, he says.

The little boy just after the surgery.

There was a chance for Ali, so Abri Aid paid the surgery, and the boy was operated the very next day. Forwarding to this present day, we all felt the tremendous difference this has made to the boy and his family, not only today, but for the rest of his life.

Ali will be able to walk normally, which thus enables him to walk to school when that day comes. It will possibly prevent him from being unemployed or to live in extreme poverty, as he will be able to care for his own family one day.

It is in this moment you realize the significance of the medical help. This very moment when you meet the individual after a surgery and your mind creates a totally new life story for the person. A story that can end well and stands a chance.

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