The health assistance that Base Aid provides among others is: Medicine, surgeries, physical therapy, health check-ups etc.

The shelter assistance Base Aid provides is: Tents/plastic sheets and wood/building materials. We only provide products which is made locally.

Base Aid is a non-profit organization and donor of health and shelter projects in humanitarian crisis.

  • Base Aid work in partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSA), the ministry in Lebanon who has the overall responsibility of the crisis.
  • Base Aid is both a donor of potential projects, and a project implementer in close coordination with MoSA.
  • Base Aid provide basic assistance when any emergency occurs.
  • Base Aid currently works with the Syrian crisis in Lebanon, helping vulnerable refugees and poor Lebanese in health and shelter related issues.
  • Base Aid wants to contribute to local capacity building, because we believe that the most sustainable way to help in a crisis is through existing structures and communities. By helping the locals with resources, training, and the capacity to cope with the crisis themselves, we can contribute to the encouragement of a stronger local community.
  • BaseAid also cooperate with other relevant actors in the humanitarian response and follow the established response system in the country made by the UN and UNHCR.
  • Base Aid work in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon and have available local staff in the country.