Sad meeting with Haydar’s family – and new challenges

I met many new refugees along the Syrian border in Lebanon this week. Primarily children and adolescents, who need immediate medical help.

I is incredibly difficult to prioritize, since we can not help everyone. There are a lot of cancer cases that are challenging as they are expensive and require a lot of follow-up. Nor does the UN help there. Difficult to say no to people, but we must limit and concentrate our efforts. Prioritized also to visit the family of our friend Haydar who died a couple of weeks ago, 7 years old. Absolutely unnecessary. And terribly sad to meet the family.

The entire big family of around 20 people waited for us for the short visit I was able to enter before new sick children waited. Adds a memory where Sandra and Haydar really found the tone. Rest in peace, Haydar. Unfortunately, your life would not be easy if you had lived on either

Half Machine
In addition, it is Ramadan and almost 40 degrees hot, and people generally go on half machine without food and drink during the day. In particular, our muslim colleagues, who stand on the whole day in our pace, are noticed. But they stay strong.

The frustration among the Lebanese people over the Syrian refugees is to feel everywhere. While most people supported our work a year ago, it now seems that relief workers are one of the reasons why the Syrians do not travel home. But that is to be understood. With almost 2 million refugees in this small country, the number of cancer cases is increasing due to pollution in the groundwater, something has to happen to people.

I spend a lot of time defending both refugees and the reason they do not travel back. Reasonably surreal as a Norwegian for have to do it.

We will continue our work
The first election in Lebanon at 9 years is over, new people have been in parliament who are skeptical of Syrian refugees and that there is some danger of war with their neighbors in the south.

I do not know how this will end. Syria is also not exactly stable. We do our job and know how much the contribution means to thousands of people. And we will continue with that. Regardless of critical attitudes. The children are innocent and deserve it.

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