The conditions is still extremely difficult

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The refugee children in Lebanon are still living in extremely difficult conditions. Almost impossible to understand for anyone who has not experienced this up close, something we have have experienced in over 20 trips over the past three years.

There are also more sparks between Lebanese and Syrians now, especially in the Bekaa Valley where there are nearly 1,5 million refugees. The aid from abroad is decreasing sharply, but the problem is stable and the same for the locals and the government in this beautiful country.

Although the bombs have quieted down in Syria, the number on the run is the same. Almost everyone here lives in extreme poverty, just take a look at the picture of the boy searching for food in the garbage container outside the government office.

Still big need for help

We also got questions if we can help move 60,000 refugees as the camps they live in must go away by winter. I feel this task is far beyond our mandate and knowledge. The problems for the government, the MoSA leadership, just seem endless for the time being.

That is why the work of Abri Aid in Lebanon continues and the main focus is on medical assistance for the very weak refugee children who fall between all the chairs. On the trip this week, over 40 refugees, primarily children, have been helped with everything from simple medicines to complicated operations. Often partial with the UN.

Also heard that one of the children we helped last, died the day after we was there. There are many such unbelievably sad fates in the camps, often trifles that determine whether a child should grow up or not. Of course, that would never happen in our safe Norway!

The children still smiling

The picture gallery above show some of our children, like Ahmad at 7 years with great damage after birth that only gets worse. He was born during a bomb attack and everything got out of control. We also see Anas of 12 years who was through a heart surgery that saved his life in March, he looked astonishingly quick when I met him. Great to see the joy of the smiling children and their families as they recover.

Also see picture of a little boy of 7 months who has to go through a simple operation, a weak boy of 6 years who weighed far too little and which we must get something done and some other cases.

This is just the top of the iceberg.

Also showing pictures of a bunch of smiling children. They do not really understand how hopeless their future is, so the smiles and laugh is for real.

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