Warfare for refugees in the Bekaa Valley

There have been some troubled and stressed days in the Bekaa Valley this week, and the danger of a major war is imminent.

This in light of the bombing and use of chemical weapons in Douma last weekend which is an hour’s drive from the area we are in. The staff of the authorities and refugees are both fearing poisonous gas pouring into our area and if the United States starts bombing that can hit these boundaries hard.

Some airlines stopped flying to Lebanon yesterday, the Russians warn their own citizens against being in the Bekaa Valley and a possible air strike will necessarily cross Lebanon. The military activity was more visible and an escalation of the Syria war is perhaps the last country needs now.

Say no to too many
Nevertheless, we have had some effective days following the follow-up of many new and old medical cases, especially among children. It’s just such an endless need, we have to say no to too many, and it hurts every time.

The reality of little Taym born in January this year is not good. Met him for the first time when he was 4 days old and had fallen from 3 to 2 kg since birth and was at risk of not surviving. The parents had heard that we were going to a special hospital that day and they had been looking for help and meet us. So they met on the stairs outside.

We have since helped with proper nutrition, a shorter hospital stay and the first operation last week. Taym is obviously weak, it can go both ways, but at least he has got a chance to fight. The prerequisites are a tent on a crowded ground, the sewer flows open outside and rats big as cats run around. His struggle for survival becomes tougher than it would be for us and it is bloody unfair.

Must also mention Taym’s big brother in three years. He is totally traumatized after his first two years of living with bombing every night and IS threatening in Raqqa. Then the fled to Lebanon and a very sick little brother. Although I do not look like a typical IS warrior he was very scared me this time. Bad.

Siblings are made impression
Will also draw a positive experience in all misery. Last February we released pictures of three siblings who made a strong impression on us. They are better off going, healthier, more stiff, getting physical lessons and going two days a week at school! It works. For a few.

Also shows a picture that illustrates the problem of young girls working on the fields of a local farmer who exploits and drives them. In addition, I was up in a discussion of how the family lives on one image, two meters from a stream of open and running sewage. Indescribable odors and many small larvae that creep on the little kids, especially the nights. The Bekaa Valley spring 2018, the contrast to Norway is indescribable.

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