Funded by the Norwegian company Base Gruppen

Base Aid is both founded and funded by the company Base Gruppen.

The CEO, founder and owner of Base Gruppen, Mr. Alfred Ydstebø, has committed an significant amount for each of the next years.

His participation is due to his genuine interest as a donor to learn about the crisis and the needs of the refugees at field level. Because Mr. Ydstebø acknowledges that as a donor, he cannot define the area of needs himself. Therefore the programs we support and implement are areas identified by the people in need themselves, together with our local partner and in coherence with the UN agencies in Lebanon.

Base Aid’s vision is based on innumerable research papers, is to be a lead donor and NGO for projects identified by the affected population, and encourages other companies to participate in our mission to change the humanitarian sphere from donor generated interventions, to hands-on needs from the field.  For the given moment we have donations for the next three years, however we acknowledge that to increase the effect of our mission we would stand stronger in company. 

Contact our information officer Lars Petter Einarsson to discuss further partnerships.

How we work

All of our projects are established in strong connection to the individuals affected by the crisis. Base Aid therefore performs field assessments monthly to ensure the needs stated, actual needs of the field. The organization works in partnership with the lead actor in the Syrian crisis in Lebanon; MoSA (The Minestry of Social Affairs).

This is to ensure local capacity building, enable the local community to have recourses to handle the crisis them selves, and nevertheless to see to that the vulnerable affected population is helped as well as the refugees.

Where we work

Base Aid work with the Syrian crisis in Lebanon. More specifically our operation site is in the Bekaa Valley. We operate in all areas of the valley in co-operation with the local ministries and communities.

We also co-work with other voluntary organizations.