Medical interventions in February

In February we were back in the Beqaa Valley. While we could give most children and adults in the program this month a new chance in life.

We also experienced difficulties in bringing the message to those individuals we were not able to help.

In the cases where Abri Aid could not provide medical assistance it was due to the lack of possibility to save the person of concern.  Most of the refugees are living with limited financial resources, which limit them from being able to pay for medical treatment or surgery.

When a person has been living a long period without medical assistance, it is not always possible to help them. This was the case in February, a month when we had several children that could not be treated.

Brutal reality
No one wants to tell a child they will never be able to see or walk again. So to work under these types of situations are very difficult. However, February turned out to be a good month in total for Abri Aid. We were able schedule many new medical cases, where the person of concern had a condition that was urgent and could be treated. Most new cases where children or adults with bomb injuries, these are often cases where the medical treatment must be given over a longer period.

The consequences of the Syrian war are best seen in the eyes of the affected population. This is a consequence we all should take responsibility for, not only through basic assistance or medical treatment, but also with our hearts and hands through compassion, love and understanding.

Following up
In February, we got to meet Zeinab again, the girl is recovering very well and her family can finally stop worrying about their little girl. Abri Aid with local staff and partners follow up every medical case we assist. Both with necessary medicine or other equipment needed, but also to see how their recovery is doing. Every person matters, because when there is so many people in need, we choose to focus on each and every one we can help.

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